Selena Cate has spent over two decades honing her skills through antique curating, thrifting, merchandising and creative writing.

She grew up on an olive farm in the north valley of California. Her father, a self made inventor, was a great inspiration for her as she watched him build things for the farm from cast off junk from the local landfill. She would wake up at 5 am to travel with him to a car swap meet where he would search for parts for his Ford Model T that he was building from the ground up. She loved the excitement of treasure hunting from an early age.

In her late 20’s she spent four years in Europe where she began to work on furniture design and restoration. She traveled throughout Europe shopping at Flea Markets and Antique stores in search of furniture to restore.

Timothy is an award winning filmmaker and theater director who has extensive sales expertise in vintage cameras and electronics.  His diverse background in the media arts, which involved extensive research into period props, furniture and and costumes, helped make a natural transition into estate liquidation and appraisals. He also is an experienced woodworker and both he and Selena enjoy designing reclaimed furniture while being deeply inspired by the late great Ray and Charles Eames.

Images provided by Selena Cate.


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