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Sweden in Sebastopol

Whitcomb + Cate are home for the holidays this weekend presenting a lovely Sebastopol Estate packed with treasures. We send you a warm invitation to take a peek into the past of a former SAS flight attendant and world traveler who evolved into a master crafter. Born Finnish and raised in Sweden before emigrating to the United States, Marita was also an avid collector. Her lovely Sebastopol home is packed with European art, oil paintings,  rugs she crafted on a giant loom and an extensive native American collection of Navajo rugs, beaded bags and moccasins. She has collected dozens of antique chairs, many in pairs. She has an extensive copper and brass collection as well as sterling silver. Her eclectic tastes are reflected in every room where she displays nautical themes on one wall and romantic French furniture on the next. From rural winter scenes to whimsical paintings from colorful Tahoe artist J. Johannssen. Her crafting room is over flowing with fabrics and textiles, a giant loom, lace bobbin pillow and a variety of crafting accessories. Her garden is full of outdoor furniture, ornate pottery and fun ornaments. Her closets are full of various clothing styles and an extensive vintage sun glass and purse collection. Her 1998 Honda Odyssey is also for sale and includes a license plate that says "Caution, this vehicle stops at all garage sales". We think Marita would be as excited as you all are to shop at her lovely home and explore the wide variety of collectible treasures that she spent decades acquiring.

items include:

  • Swedish & European Christmas Ornaments
  • Antique French Writing Desk
  • Swedish and Scandinavian Linens
  • Handmade Lace/Antique Lace
  • Sweden Linen Table runners
  • Tin Banks
  • Antique Leather-bound Books
  • Books on Crafts, Cooking, Alternative Health, Travel
  • Cast Iron Pans
  • Modern New Zealand Spinning Wheel
  • Lace Bobbin Pillow (2)
  • Weaving Loom
  • Tons of Fabric and Sewing Notions
  • Old Trunks
  • Pots and Garden Supplies
  • Redwood Patio Furniture
  • Antique Furniture
  • Steamer Travel Trunk
  • Swedish Guitar
  • Metal Buckets
  • Lots of Christmas Items
  • Full & Twin Size Bed
  • Swedish & Finnish Glass/Pottery
  • Swedish Wall Clock
  • Copper & Brass
  • Antique Scrapbook
  • Navajo Rugs
  • Native American Beaded Bag/Belt/Hairclips
  • Silver Tea Sets
  • Swedish Dresser
  • Needlepoint Art
  • Garden Tools
  • Scandinavian Postcards

DAYS: Friday, Saturday & Sunday - December 9, 10, 11 HOURS: 9:00 - 4:00 PRICES: Friday Fair, may discount on Sat/Sun, Late Sunday lots of discounts.

ADDRESS: 205 Dutton Avenue, Sebastopol, California 95472

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Apple Pay.  Sorry, no personal checks. We also collect CA Sales Tax unless you have a dealer exemption on file with us.

We will have a sign up list out front for the early arrivals. We will open the doors promptly at 9:00. Please don't disturb occupants. 

Every corner of this home is packed so please shop with care and caution. 

Please park in consideration of neighbors and do not block driveways. We do have some bags and lots of paper to wrap breakables. Please bring your own boxes.

We look forward to seeing you.