Estate Liquidation



We are the North Bay's friendliest full service estate sale company and offer liquidation expertise in everything from elegant estates to sprawling ranches and farms . We are not intimidated by packed estates or quick turnarounds. We welcome every opportunity to serve our clients with a positive attitude , utmost professionalism and caring respect in every phase from staging to clean out.

We understand that you have a number of options when choosing an Estate Sale Company and our ultimate mission is to educate people so they can make the best and most informed decisions for their families. Our experienced team can help you determine whether its best to host an onsite sale or have us host the sale at our Warehouse showroom, or seek a full buy-out of the home's contents.  Every situation is unique and we endeavor to be empathetic and helpful in what is usually a difficult emotional process.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and FREE APPRAISALS. In most cases, we don't require any out of pocket expenses from our clients and are instead compensated by profit sharing on the proceeds of the sale. This means our success is predicated solely on how well we do for our customers. Our 15 years of combined experience in the secondary goods market makes us uniquely qualified to bring you top dollar for your items from antiques to automobiles to household items. The ultimate goal of an onsite sale is to empty the house and prepare it for sale or transfer. We deeply empathize with the emotional attachment that comes with many belongings and our growing list of satisfied clients will attest to the warm and loving attitude we bring to every sale. This ensures your relative's items find a loving new home.

As a full-service Estate Sale company, we typically don't charge additional fees for clean-outs after the sale as we take pride in making sure the left over items find a good home through our vast donation network. We think its equally important to spend the extra time recycling unsold items that are not suitable for donation. We endeavor to become the most environmentally responsible estate sale company in the county.

In addition to our pricing advice (we have a number of resources that we utilize for research) we can also provide a number of more sensible liquidation options for certain high value antiques and collectibles. We also specialize in helping remove unwanted stored items from attics & basements, foreclosed properties, estates, evictions and more. In most cases, after seeing the property, we will submit a written bid to you at no cost or obligation.

2017 Onsite Estate Sale Rates

  • Under 10,000 = 50% Commission
  • 10,001 to 14,999 = 40% Commission
  • 15,000 to 19,999 = 35% Commission
  • 20,000 and Over = 30% Commission.

Off Site Estate Sales



We also offer the option of hosting an OFF-SITE estate sale at our Warehouse in Sebastopol. This type of sale is also based on commission (less packing and moving expenses) This is a popular option for those downsizing, on a strict time schedule or who's home is not suitable for an onsite sale. There are still no up front costs and we instead advance the costs to move the items/estate within a designated time period. (see Rates). Total moving and packing expenses are then deducted from proceeds of the sale, before profit sharing.

Packing Rates $50/hr (2-Persons)

Moving Rates $40/hr (Including Truck Rental)


Clean Out Services



Have unwanted stored items from attics & basements, foreclosed properties, estates, evictions and more? We can help. This service is priced individually depending on the size and quantity of items. After seeing the property we will submit a written bid to you to remove the agreed upon items from the property.


Buy Out Service



We offer free appraisal options for your antiques, collectibles and household items and will submit a written bid to purchase the agreed upon contents of your home or business.

Buy-Outs are a Great Option when:

  • The estate needs to generate an immediate income.
  • The residence is a condominium, apartment, or anywhere where estate sales are not permitted.
  • The total value of the personal property is not high enough to engage the services of an estate sales company.
  • Heirs and other family members decide against having a public estate sale.
  • There is not enough time to properly stage an estate or warehouse sale.
  • Estate items are located in a storage facility.

Consign Agreement



We also offer the opportunity to consign high value items in our antique store or online store options.

Consignment Fees

  • Over 5000 = 30%
  • 2001 to 4999 = 40%
  • 100 to 2000 = 50%
  • Vehicles = 10% to 20% depending on value

Wish List



This service is very similar to a personal shopper that you might hire at a designer retail stores or by an interior designer. We will find the items that you are searching for through various venues.